ICT in Early Years

Here at St Philip’s Marsh Nursery School we understand that children need to be equipped with the skills to prepare them for life within the digital age we are now living.  This does not mean that we simply sit children down in front of a computer on their own.  We engage them in lots of fun activities, especially taking photos, playing games together on the computer but also making films and playing with all manner of ICT.  We have touch screen computers, digital stills cameras and floor robots (‘Beebots’) all of which we have found aids the children’s collaborative play and language development.

Our work using ICT in this way is so strong that it has even been recognised by the Institute of Education at the University of London and Dr Guy Roberts-Holmes has used our school as the basis of an academic research paper about ICT within early years settings.

We feel very strongly that we should be ensuring that from this foundation age children are learning how to use computers and the Internet safely.  We have produced a short booklet which you can use as a guide to E-Safety at home.  You can download it here (St Philips Marsh Nursery ESafety BOOKLET Guide for parents)