Clay pots (tea light holders)

For Diwali, the children like to make clay pots (which can be used as tea light holders).

You will need:

Self hardening clay
Varnish (optional)

Take a piece of clay as big as a small apple (or smaller if the child finds this too big to handle) and roll into a ball.
Using fingers push down in the middle of the ball to form a well.  Use fingers and thumbs to pinch sides.
To keep the clay malleable, dampened slightly with water.
Leave the pot to dry (the time will vary depending on how warm the room is).
When the pot is dry, paint it inside and out with your chosen colour. When the paint is dry you can add some sequins for decoration. (For a more permanent finish the lamps can be varnished).
Once decorated a tea light candle can be put inside.  (Note – these lamps are only to be used with an adult present).