At St Philip’s Marsh Nursery we encourage children to link sounds and letters and to mark make (begin to read and write). Children are given access to a wide range of reading materials (books, poems, and other written materials) to ignite their interest.  We believe that early years literacy isn’t just about reading books, it is about children developing their communication and language skills.  This starts before children begin school.  In the reception area we have books which you can borrow and return when you have read them with your child. 

The School has produced leaflets to help your child at home with their literacy.

Helping your child at home – Phonics – Phonics is the cornerstone of literacy, the word comes from the Greek word, phone, meaning ‘voice’ or ‘sound’.  It therefore indicates a method of learning to read and write English that concentrates on sounds, or, to be more precise, the sounds the letters make.

Helping your child at home – Reading – Children recognise familiar signs and word patterns. We believe that working together as parents and teachers we can give children the best start in developing their literacy skills.

Mark Making booklet contains a range of advice and ideas to help you to support your child with their writing (mark making).