This Term

The theme for this term is ‘patterns’. The children will be observing, discovering and creating patterns in many different ways. There are patterns in nature, music, movement, literacy and maths. In fact, there are patterns everywhere! Recognising and understanding patterns is a key educational life-long skill. Understanding patterns helps children make sense of many different things. It helps to develop their critical thinking and logical skills and provides a sense of order in a complex and fast changing world. Please talk to your child about what they are learning and help them to recognise the patterns all around them and in their daily lives. Please talk to your child’s key person if you have any questions or suggestions.

A copy of the medium term planning can be downloaded here (Medium term planning – Term 6 2018-2019)

Your child will also be learning new nursery rhymes each term.  The rhymes of the term will be displayed in the classroom and the rhymes can also be downloaded here for you and your child to enjoy at home (Rhymes Term 6 2018-2019).  The children are also learning the songs for our summer sing-along (Summer songs 2019)