Woodwork sessions

Finn (Oak Class teacher) has recently started woodwork sessions with the children.  We believe this is a wonderful medium for children to work with and the children are currently building confidence with real tools such hammers and saws.

Woodwork has a long history in early childhood education and has been embraced by many countries. It is one of those really special activities that truly engages children and encompasses all areas of learning and development.

Woodwork is an empowering activity that develops children’s self-esteem, resilience and confidence. The children will be encouraged to use their creative and critical thinking skills, problem solve and express their imagination through wood and other materials. They are also building strength in their hands and fingers which is important for their mark making and writing skills.  Working with wood is not always easy, and safety is prioritised at all times. We adhere to strict guidelines – the children must wear safety glasses at all times and sawing is only ever done with 1:1 adult supervision. Of course, we cannot eliminate all risk, and there will be the occasional bruised thumb, but we want to support the children to manage risk and make judgements to protect themselves. This is an important part of their learning and development. 

As children make with wood they are learning skills that will empower them to shape their world – encouraging them to become the innovators, makers, sculptors, tinkerers, engineers and architects of tomorrow!