We are part of the Barton Hill Children’s Centre and work in partnership with Wellspring Healthy Living Centre, Cashmore Early Years Centre and Barton Hill Settlement Family Centre. The Family Centre Advice Workers provide regular sessions in the School.  Please contact either the School or Barton Hill Settlement Family Centre for more information (Barton Hill Settlement: 0117 955 6971; Wendy Robbins/Elaine Martin: 0117 954 8882).

We offer a range of additional services which you can access with or for your child.

These range from

WRAP AROUND CARE; care which allows parents to buy in full day sessions for children with part time places in the Nursery School


STAY and PLAY; parent and toddler sessions for children under 3.

For information on HOW TO APPLY for a place at St Philip’s Marsh Nursery School click here.

We also offer a breakfast club and after-school provision through Froglets.